Getting Older

Today I turn 28, getting older is strange. I hate it because I feel like I should and my hair is falling out, but I love it because I am so much more productive with my time, achieving more and more, and so on.

27 to 28 was a good time, in that 12 month period I

  • Took up meditation
  • Completed the Melburn Roobaix without a concussion (unlike the year before with a concussion and not finishing it)
  • Made a ton of new friends
  • Started working out regularly
  • Travelled through Europe for six weeks, I got to see Belgium, France, Hungary, Romania, Netherlands, Norway
  • Met a load of distant family in Norway
  • Ate Reindeer and Moose
  • Rode 100km 31 hours after returning from Europe, after six weeks off the bike and still jetlagged
  • Went to NZ for a holiday, awesome place
  • Went to Uni, almost got a HD
  • Moved to Taiwan
  • Started seriously learning Mandarin Chinese

It’s going to be pretty damn hard to top this.

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