Herniated Disk Pain

There should be some kind of universal law that states that when you’re doing something to better yourself, you should not be able to get an injury.

I went to the gym yesterday, on my lunch break, as is the norm, and was doing some deadlifts. I went for 120kg (264lbs), which is my current maximum deadlift, and one I had done just last week. However something went wrong, I felt, and swear I heard, something in my back go pop, lower left hand side. The pain was truly incredible, I’m not sure if I’ve felt something so awful in my life.

So I somehow packed the weights up and hobbled home, and then planned out seeking treatment, which, in another country where English isn’t the first language, and my Mandarin has some ways to go, was going to be fun.

It sure took a while to get changed and leave the house.

Even as a foreigner, the health system in Taiwan is pretty great, the difference is that without an ARC(Alien Resident Card) you have to pay as you go. It’s efficient, probably more so than back in Australia — though that is not a big challenge — and comparable in cost. In under an hour I had filled out the paperwork, seen a doctor, paid, had an X-ray, collected pain relief, and was on my way.

A fairly positive experience overall, but I have to go back tonight at 7pm to get the results of the X-ray, fingers crossed!

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