Herniated Disk Recovery

I have to say, I’ve had a great deal of fortune recovering from this herniated disk.

It’s been 15 days since it happened and the pain is basically gone, and I only feel a slight twinge of pain if I move in a certain direction.

Unfortunately, and on doctors orders, I wont be able to return to back squats and deadlifts any time soon, it’ll be at least three months, possibly even more.

That said, about two weeks before it happened I was in the and talking with the owner, Dave. He recently had a back injury and one that required surgery and said that if you ever get an injury, you just have to train around it, and whatever you do, don’t quit — solid advice.

So about a week into my injury I sent an email asking what to do, and have since been in for some training, so that I can continue to work out whilst not putting any pressure on the effected area.

It’s a three day program which focuses on chest, legs, and back respectively, and so far it’s been wonderful

Day 1 – Chest

  • pullups/chins 25 (:15-:30 rest on these, no more)
  • bench 5, 5, 8
  • DB seated incline press 4×6
  • pushups 5 x 5
  • direct core work – at least two exercises
  • 25 pullups/chinups (:15-:30 rest on these, no more)

Day 2 – Legs

  • leg curl 4×6-8 1:00 rest
  • leg ext 4×6-8 1:00 rest
  • hip ext (use GHR or machine downstairs) 4×10
  • donkey kicks with bands 4x10l/r

Day 3 – Back

  • pullups/chins 25 (:15-:30 rest on these, no more)
  • batwings 4×6
  • lat pulldowns 4×6
  • one arm rows 4x6l/r
  • straight arm pulldowns 4×6-8
  • direct core work 1-2 exercises
  • pullups/chins 25 (:15-:30 rest on these, no more)

All in all it’s going really well, my legs are still sore several days later, I guess two weeks off and then going back into isolation exercises will do that.

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