I Need More Time

It wasn’t until I really pushed myself that I realized I need more hours in the day. Current weekdays look a little like this

0700 – wake up and start work
1100 – Go to the gym and eat lunch
1230 – get back home and back to work
1630 – finish work and shower
1700 – do a little Mandarin practice, maybe have a nap
1630 – start walking to mandarin class
1900 – mandarin class for two hours
2130 – arrive home from mandarin class, commence relaxing
2200 – start the go to bed process.

Of course the times are subject to change and I’m not often in bed at 2200, the same is said for what time I wake up, it’s anywhere from 0600 – 0700, my body clock likes to wake me up early.

I want to start writing some code again, but I’m not sure where to fit it in. Sure there’s weekends, but I like to be outside on the weekends, as I spend most of the week inside.

This part is where I queue the

Oh, but you don’t even have children!

from parents. That’s true, I don’t, thank god!

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